Connecting our customers with their customers.


Cenode started as an iOS development company. We started with simple utility apps and moved on to games and eventually social networks.

Flat Dash

Cenode, originally named "Boss Design Labs" started with Flat Dash as a proof of concept in our ability to develop useful software applications. It was developed before Car Play was available. It provided an easy way to quickly navigate your phone and get useful stats such as time weather and speed.


Some ideas you have to talking outside of the office when saying good by to a great friend. This was the concept for Tri-Add named by my friends mother. Simply additive color mixing game that turned out to be not so simple. This was our first go at an original game and it played with simple sound effects and animation. The premise seems simple but it got progressively more difficult as you went through the theoretically limitless randomized levels. This app was built when Obj-C was the only language on iOS


Cache is a social network that allows you to place and find photos and videos in the world around you. I leverages the gps and an online database of content to know when you cross paths with something that was taken at that location where you were. It allows you to see and connect with significant events that happened where you stand before. Kind of a neat feature being a location based social network was a city localized chat room and what we referred to as Cache Hunting to find nearby Caches

Web Development

We quickly started developing web based applications and contracted company/band sites. We built everything from informational sites to social networks to even online stores.


Besides simple company sites for the marketing portion of Cenode, Featheread was quite the deviation. It is defined simply as the YouTube for books. It allows young and aspiring authors to gain an audience. It is a gorgeously custom designed human interface and a testament to 2 years of dedication to the social network as a whole. It was our first social network preceding Cache.

Who We Are

Cenode was a fully formed business from 2012 - 2017 formed to simply build high quality software applications with a small budget and a big dream. It was co-owned by Austin Buck & Blaine Miller. Each brought their own background in business, graphic designs, musical engineering, cinematography, Photography, website development, IT Services, application development, Algorithm engineering, and a rather great personalty. Having such a diverse skillset and attempting to ride the market of recent software success stories Cenode was formed. It can be described as a marketing company and/or a R&D company with a lot of various projects.